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Year 7 Creative Art

Year 7 – Creative Arts

Mini project:

  • Pupils have started looking at two artists – ‘Maggie Hambling’ and Georgia O’Keffe
  • Choose one artist to focus on and complete the artist’s research sheet. (In curriculum area)
  • Create pieces of work based on the chosen artists – these could be paintings, drawings, collages or even 3D work
  • Remember your use of colour – which colours work well together?
  • Add patterns to create texture and movement where appropriate
  • Please see booklet for further information
  1. Artist research template example
  2. Artist research template with lines blank
  3. Georgia O'Keefe examples
  4. Year 7 Maggie Hambling waves examples
  5. Year 7 Maggie Hambling waves examples
  6. Year 7 Van Gogh workbook Additional work