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Year 7 Science


Science Home Learning - Year 7 Electricity

  1. Look around your home. What items are powered by electricity?
  2. Can you list some safety rules for using electricity?
  3. Visit the following websites and try the electricity games.






Don’t forget you can Use Doddle to help you with your learning.

Students can log in to Doddle by heading to:  https://www.doddlelearn.co.uk/app/login and entering the details below:

Username: The same user name that they use in school – but don’t forget capital letters

Password: oaklands

We have recently invested in a subscription to Doddle, an online teaching, homework and assessment resource that we’ll be using to support your child’s learning in Science.

  • Students can access information
  • Video clips
  • Quizzes

Your child’s login details:

As an online resource, your child will need to log in to Doddle to access their homework. They can log in to Doddle by heading to https://www.doddlelearn.co.uk/app/login and entering the details below:

Username: The same user name that they use in school – but don‘t forget capital letters         Password: oaklands

Students can also download the Doddle App by searching for ‘Doddle Learn’ on the App Store or the Play Store. They will be able to log in using the above details and will receive notifications to inform them of any homework set or due.

When your child logs in they will find a selection of appropriate activities that have been selected by their science teacher.

The science team will be checking regularly and updating tasks as needed.

If your child has any difficulties using Doddle, you can contact the Doddle team directly during normal business hours by:

  • Web: Click on the ‘Feedback’ button in Doddle, describe the problem and include their name and school.
  • Phone: 01865 208 440
  • Email: hello@doddlelearn.co.uk.