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Year 8 English

Working at home - English

All pupils have been given a work booklet to work through with different reading and writing activities to complete. It is also all available on the school website.

It would also benefit our pupils if they read at home – this could be reading their school reading book, newspapers, magazines or other books (even listening to stories and talking about them with people at home would help pupils to develop their reading skills).


Other ways to learn at home:

1.    MyOn – online reading

Our online reading platform where pupils can read a variety of books and complete other work set by teachers:


Oaklands Special School

Pupils’ usernames and passwords are the same as their log in for Accelerated Reader (these are also in pupils’ home-school diaries for reference).


2.    Read Write Inc.

Here are some videos to help you read with your child using the method we use in school:

All the sounds

Set 2 & 3 sounds and pictures

help booklet

Help videos


3.    Spellings

Each pupil has also been given 2 weeks of spellings by their English teacher. Here is a link to an extra list of spellings and activities:

Spelling bank


4.    Speaking and Listening

Prepare a 2-5 minute talk or presentation about something you are interested in. Other topics could be; work experience or reward day ideas.


5.    Qualifications

Some Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils who are preparing for qualifications have also been given CGP booklets with activities linked to their qualifications.


If you would like any help or other ideas you can contact Mr Burton through the school admin e-mail.

  1. English Mrs Rowley Vines
  2. English Mrs Webb
  3. Easier Mrs Whitfield
  4. Harder Mrs Whitfield
  5. Middle Mrs Whitfield
  6. Spellings 1 Mrs Rowley Vines
  7. Spellings 2 Mrs Rowley Vines
  8. spellings Mrs Webb