Peripatetic Music Lessons

All students at Oaklands are given the chance to receive peripatetic music lessons, either in Guitar, Keyboard or Percussion. These lessons are taught every week by specialist tutors and students receive one period a week per lesson, which are timetabled on a rota basis, therefore meaning that students do not miss lessons consecutively. These lessons are funded by parents, but students who are in receipt of free school meals could be eligible for a discounted rate. Students who receive peripatetic music lessons are also given the chance and encouraged to hire an instrument from school in order to practice between lessons. Students are welcome to keep these instruments for the duration of their lessons.


Whether students are picking up the guitar for the first time or whether they have had guitar lessons before and are advanced players looking to break out of a rut and expand their capabilities, guitar lessons at Oakland's perfect for all abilities. Lessons are delivered to students from all year groups within the school on a 1 - 1 or small group basis. Lessons can revolve around a formal grading but many of our students choose to learn via a more

informal  song-based method, learning to play through the songs they love. The two methods can also be combined at the preference of the student(s). So, jam through their favourite song one week; or learn a graded piece the following. Depending on what genre of music a student is playing will determine what exam board they will take their performance exams with.


Drum lessons start in Year 7 where all the students are taught how to play the Djembe, a traditional African hand drum. Any students who excel might then be given the chance to start 1-1 lessons on Kit. These lessons are based around two key principles: developing a repetitive technique and learning to play in a musical setting. Basic grooves and fills will provide the basis of the early lessons and as the student progresses the co-ordination

and syncopation of new skills will develop and increase in difficulty. Where suitable, play along tracks and Graded materials will be used to support and bring together the learning.


Keyboard lessons introduce pupils to the basics of playing the keyboard and reading music. Pupils work through a book that contains a repertoire of well known songs. The keyboard offers a wide variety of instrumental sounds and the rhythm controls provide drumbeats to play along with. Keyboard lessons give the student the opportunity to express their musical ideas and feelings, develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the instrument. When students are ready, they take ABRSM Music Medals which are a nationally recognised accreditation.
Instrument            Cost per lesson Cost Annually

 Deposit required for

Instrument hire

Electric Keyboard £10.00 £340.00 £25.00
Guitar £10.00 £340.00 £25.00
Percussion (Drum Kit) £10.00 £340.00 £25.00


Oaklands’ School Choirs

The school choirs are directed by the head of music, Miss Nicola Howbrigg. Singing enables young people to use their talent and musical skill as a release from the academic and personal struggles of their everyday life.

Music is a strong tradition within our school as we believe passionately that it enhances our student’s learning. Music breathes life into each of our young people and they sing with joy, happiness and infectious enthusiasm which enchants audiences and indeed the staff that they work with!

The full school choir is open to any student who would like to be a member and meets twice a week at lunchtime. They sing a varied repertoire of music from popular to sacred through to musical theatre and comedy. They were guests at a concert in St George’s Hall in Liverpool back in 2008 and have competed in the Bangor International Choral Festival in Northern Ireland on more than one occasion. They are regular performers at the Cheshire Royal County Show and have more than one slot at our annual school carol concert which takes place in December. The reputation of Oaklands School Choir goes before them and many people have requested the choir to sing at a number of performance venues across Cheshire and further afield.

The school chamber choir is a three-part (SAB) choir and consists of our most gifted and talented singers. Students join by invitation. They meet once a week and sing a varied repertoire of music from classical to jazz through to the popular genre. They have won a number of music festivals including The Leicester Festival of Music, Speech and Drama in 2015 where they received two first places, The Kettering Eistedfodd in 2016 and 2017 where they received two first and a second place in 2016 and two first places in 2017 and The Bangor International Choral Festival in Northern Ireland also in 2016 and 2017 where they received a first place on both occasions. They were also awarded the trophy for the best International Choir in Northern Ireland and the best choir of the festival overall in Kettering. They are regular performers at the Cheshire Royal County Show and have performed at a Headteachers conference at Chester Racecourse and on a cruise along the river Thames! Their reputation precedes them, with public and organisations requesting for them to sing at many prestigious events not only in Cheshire but further afield also. Students who are members of the chamber choir also receive singing lessons from Miss Howbrigg and Mrs Ross and follow Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Singing and/or Musical Theatre.


Singing lesson students gain knowledge of using the voice as an instrument whilst preparing for London College of Music singing exams. Various genres of music are taught and students are encouraged to rehearse their songs at home alongside their half hour lessons at school. It is hoped that students will progress from Level 1 to level 8 during their time having lessons and to date Oaklands has had 100% pass rate, with most students achieving merits and distinctions. Singing increases self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem and encourages a love of music and performing. Students who receive singing lessons are also members of the school chamber choir and therefore are encouraged to perform at various events over the school year.