School Council

Oaklands School Council 2018-19

School Council Overview

Oakland’s School Council exists to provide a platform for students to have their opinions heard, and inform major decision making. The key objective of the School Council is to “make the school better” through regular meetings, projects and Councillor involvement in all areas of school life. Councillors collect ideas from all members of the school community and have regular meetings with the leadership team.


The School Council is facilitated by Mr Fazey. However where other staff have specialist skills and interests they are involved in the subcommittee system. Councillors elect their own Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


Oaklands School Council consists of sixteen students, three from each year group (years 7-11) and one Councillor from year 12. Elections are held for School Councillors once in each academic year. The elections are done with a secret ballot, in the style of voting in the British general election. Fairness is paramount, and we strongly believe the election process adheres with the values of student ownership and British democracy.


Meetings are held every Wednesday lunchtime and further informal meetings (re project work) are held with selected Councillors when the need arises. Meetings are chaired by an elected member of the School Council. The School Council has its own constitution and the values of equal respect, democracy and fairness are adhered to at each meeting. All Councillors have an opportunity to express their opinions, and those of the form they represent.

How are student views filtered into school

Meetings of the minutes are taken and emailed to our Head teacher. Councillors’ feedback outcomes of meetings to their forms and in assemblies.
In 2018-19 we intend to introduce a prominently placed School Council noticeboard and a dedicated section on our Schools’ Portal.


The School Council has had an impact on many areas of school life. A few examples are:
  • The Council has advised on the recent new build, adjustments made to the school behaviour policy (Class Dojos), proposed alterations to the school playground and the home school diary.
  •  Councillors have regularly participated in the Winsford Pupil Forum (where they have worked on sculptures for Winsford Town Park to celebrate the town’s long association with salt mines).
  • Councillors have presented to the Safeguarding Children in Education Conference on the theme of E-Safety.
  • The council has been involved in interviewing candidates for teaching posts.
  • Councillors raised money for Cheshire Down Syndrome Support Group through their Gingerbread Socks appeal.



The next set of meetings will be focused on the following achievable goals:
  • Organising a fundraising event for local charity St Lukes Hospice. We also aim to have a local speaker come to talk to us about the charity.
  •  To celebrate equality and diversity by organising an event for “International Day of the Older Person”
  •  To organise a trip to the Parliamentary Education Centre, so students more fully appreciate the democratic process and can apply the values of British parliamentary democracy to their own council.
  •  To have an up to date noticeboard, and section on school portal informing the school of the work of the School Council.