The Computing team at Oakland’s is made up of a full time teacher and a highly trained specialist support staff.

Achievement and Progress

Oaklands School understands the importance of ICT/Computing across all aspects of working life and the curriculum we provide helps to prepare them for this. Year 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in their form groups while Year 10 and 11 students are taught in groupings depending on their ability so that they are able to reach their potential at an appropriate pace. All KS3 students will have 2 sessions of Computing per week while KS4 will have 3.

Achievement and attainment is carefully measured allowing us to set realistic target levels and ensure progress is taking place. This is reviewed every half term to allow for any intervention strategies needed, and to ensure that pupils are being challenged enough to reach their maximum potential.

Curriculum Overview


All Computing lessons are thoroughly planned to enable differentiation and engagement of everyone in the classroom. The teaching staff provide excellent support and help to bring the subject to life by ensuring lessons are interactive and exciting.


At Key Stage 3 we aim to take a scaffold approach to children's learning, preparing them for KS4. We teach a range of modules that are accessible to the pupils of Oaklands. Through KS3 they will learn essential Computing skills and applications including digital citizenship, digital media, coding, data handling, finding information, control and animation.


In Year 10 our students will be studying a new and updated curriculum. They will either follow the Level 1/2 or Entry level programme of study route. Both incorporate project based tasks alongside written exams. The programmes enable the students to develop the skills learnt in KS3 and also relate them to real life situations.

Our Year 11 students are currently half way through their 2 year study of their Entry Level and Functional Skills in ICT (Level 1 or 2). OCR Entry Level is a task based course that sees students undertaking tasks from business skills, computer graphics creation and multimedia planning and design. By the end of the course they will be confident in using various computing packages and be able to take the skills they have learnt in to further education and working life.

At Oakland’s we have a large range of innovative and state of the art resources available that we ensure are used to full capability to make for exciting and challenging lessons where the students learn and enjoy. Students have the opportunity to keep up with the latest technology in computing for example, using the new iPads and software such as Scratch, Microsoft and Serif packages.


Overview of Teaching Programme



Organising Data


How computers work


Creating web elements

Using Technology


Digital Media

 Business Documents




Managing Information

Finding and Selecting Information

Strucured Data

Numbers and Charts

Working with Text and Images

Combing and presenting Information

Creating and making business Documents

Using ICT to communicate