The Design Technology (DT) Department is split into three separate areas of study per term:

  • Food Technology
  • Resistant Materials
  • Control & Modelling
  • Textiles

There is a team of teachers delivering these lessons across different curriculum areas, alongside an experienced team of teaching assistants.

Achievement & Progress

During Year 7, Design Technology lessons are rotated termly between Food Technology, Textiles and Control & Modelling.

In Year 7 and 8 much of the learning is incorporated into the curriculum areas of Food Technology, Resistant Materials & Textiles and Computing (Control). For further information see these curriculum areas.

Curriculum Overview

Food Technology

The aims of the Food Technology Team are to promote and encourage an understanding of a healthy balanced diet, whilst practising a range of cooking methods, techniques and skills. This provides the students with the confidence, knowledge and independence to plan, prepare and cook a range of meals and recipes. An emphasis is placed upon the practical development of skills and knowledge and students will cook most weeks of the school year.

There are a range of cooking skills which are taught all through KS 3 which are refined and developed as the students build upon their cooking experiences. Some of these skills include:

Using basic tools & equipment; safe & hygienic working practices; weighing; measuring; preparing foodstuffs; using an oven, grill & hob; peeling, chopping and grating; boiling; rubbing in; creaming; pastry making.

Control and modelling:

This area gives pupils opportunities to try a range of materials to create personalised items and to learn and develop new skills in each area.

Year 7:

Plan and design fimo keyrings
Plan and design bridges

Year 8:

Plan and design polymorph clocks
Plan and design chocolate bar packaging/new bar

Year 9:

Plan and design floating gardens
Plan and design lanterns


Pupils have the opportunity to plan, do and review their own work learning a range of techniques to incorporate into their products.

Year 7:

Weaving/what fabrics are and how they are made/health and safety/paper weaving/speed looms/design and make own plush toy.

Year 8:

Design and create their own tote bag/use of fabric paints, pens etc/use of sewing machines.

Year 9:

Design and create own mini cushion. Use of embellishments/colour magnet/fabric dye/sewing machines/fabric paints etc.

DT Units of study include: Textiles: weaving and sewing; designing and making key rings using fimo; using a sewing machine to design and create multi-media pieces of Art; making clocks using friendly plastic and polymorph; making phone holders using thermoform.

DT Units of study include: Using probots; programming probots and movement sequences; components of a computer – input/ output; hardware/software and storage devices