English KS4


In KS4 our English team consists of 3 full time teachers plus specialist support staff in each session.

The students have 4 hours of English per week. In addition to this there is an allocated session at the beginning of the day for phonics, this focuses on sounds, blending and reading.  After lunch time is allocated for accelerated reading.

Achievement and Progress

Students enter KS4 with an assessment profile that defines their KS4 pathway.   Student progress continues to be closely monitored throughout the school year to ensure that targets are met and interventions can be introduced as required.

Curriculum Overview

Within KS4 students are offered external accreditation at both Entry Level and Functional Skill.  The schemes of work have been designed to encompass the three strands of reading, writing and speaking and listening in line with the new National Curriculum requirements.  Sessions are carefully planned to support and extend as required with differentiation being a key factor to success. 

We have introduced the Accelerated Reader programme which is designed to encourage independent reading and enjoyment of books.  This programme helps to develop a wider range of vocabulary choices and understanding of texts read.  Our library is continually updated with new and exciting age appropriate reading books.


Homework is not formally set, but students are expected to read on a regular basis. Spelling homework may be sent home as a supplementary activity plus Functional Skills exam revision tasks.


Overview of the teaching programme:

Autumn Term                                                                                        Spring Term                                                                             Summer Term

Entry Level:

  • Spoken Language
  • Discussion activities around texts/information linked to personal experience or something previously studied
  • Role play activities around a topic of interest


Functional Skills:


  • Speaking, listening and communicating;
  • What makes a good speaker/listener
  • Identify intended audience
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Discuss a topic

Entry Level:

  • Reading
  • Understand a range of non-fiction type texts e.g. Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, posters, review
  • Understand a range of literacy texts e.g. Short stories, fairy tales, narratives, descriptive texts


Functional Skills:


  • Reading
  • Compare information, ideas and opinions in different texts
  • Identify meanings in texts
  • Recognise language and other textual features
  • Use reference materials e.g. dictionary
  • Locate relevant information
  • Infer meanings from images


Entry Level:

  • Writing
  • Informative writing task e.g. Personal Statement, letter, email, opinion piece
  • Imaginative writing e.g. story, story opening, descriptive piece



Functional Skills:

Exam Preparation

  • Writing;
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Format and structure language e.g. letters, reports, articles, blog, leaflet