Exam and Assessment results

All schools are required by law to publish their pupil’s results annually.  In all types of schools these results are used as an important indicator of school effectiveness.  In a school such as Oaklands where all the pupils have a statement of Special Educational Need these results are often well below the national expectations for pupils of a similar age.  Nonetheless pupils in our school do attain in public examinations and often very well.

Pupils at the end of key stage three are working across the first three levels of our National Curriculum and are assessed by their teachers.  Pupils at the end of key stage four take a range of examinations, which include GCSE, GCSE equivalent qualifications, Entry Level Certificates (these overlap with GCSE), specialist qualifications and vocational qualifications.

Pupils in key stage three and four take part in the Unit Accreditation scheme and in such things as the ASDAN scheme, where learning outcomes are externally verified and confirmed.

Key Stage 5 - Please refer to our 16-18 document for further information on attainment and achievement post 16. 

Finally, all pupils leave with a Personal Achievement Portfolio which fully reflects both progress made and all that a young person has achieved during their school career.

Please see the documents below for further information of exam performance.