Filtering and Monitoring

Digital filtering and monitoring technology can play a vital role in helping schools to adopt a whole school approach to safeguarding.

It helps to facilitate the safest space possible for students to learn and thrive. At Oaklands School our Governors have a legal obligation to ensure that digital monitoring technology is up to date and that the infrastructure is in place for the Safeguarding Team to be alerted to risks both on and offline.

As we know some risks can be out of sight of parents/carers, the Safeguarding Team and school staff, especially those risks online.

What is filtering and monitoring?

Filtering and monitoring are both important parts of safeguarding pupils and staff from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material. Filtering and monitoring systems are used to keep pupils safe when using our school’s IT system.

Filtering systems: block access to harmful sites and content.

Monitoring systems: identify when a user accesses or searches for certain types of harmful content on school and college devices (it doesn’t stop someone accessing it). Your school is then alerted to any concerning content so you can intervene and respond.

Filtering at Oaklands School:

We use a product called Netsweeper, which is installed across all devices to act as a filter and firewall to block access to unsafe and inappropriate content.

Monitoring at Oaklands School

Effective digital monitoring plays a vital role in identifying and managing a young person’s exposure to ‘hidden’ risks online.

At Oaklands School, we use Lightspeed Alert which helps us to detect problems, and be in a position to support many more students from potential harm, including those who had not previously been shown to be at risk.

Lightspeed Alert uses artificial technology to identify concerning online indicators and alerts designated staff. The alerts include relevant context with recent web searches and site history, enabling staff to quickly understand the situation and take action.

This enhanced level of monitoring supports us in our proactive approach to student safety.

Video: Lightspeed Alert Overview