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Mathematics KS4


In KS4 our Maths’ team consists of 6 teachers, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant plus specialist support staff in each session.

Achievement and Progress

The tracking data and analysis from the students’ progression through KS3 is used to determine each learner’s Mathematical pathway in KS4.  Students follow either an Entry Level course or a Functional Skills level/ GCSE. course. 

Curriculum Overview

The Entry Level pathway consists of two separate tasks which are internally moderated and then sent away for external verification.  The students are well prepared for these tasks as they cover a variety of topics including, numbers and the number system, shape and space, data handling and using and applying maths in real life contexts.  For content and examples of the Edexcel Entry Level Tasks see the OCR website at www.edexcel.org.uk

The Functional Mathematics Level 1 qualification aims to promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills. The specification promotes a teaching approach that is enriching and engaging for all students. The qualification consists of a single paper which is administered at the end of the two-year course. For content and examples of the Functional Mathematics Level 1 qualification, see the OCR website at www.edexcel.org.uk

The Foundation GCSE consists of two papers administered at the end of the two-year course. In the foundation course, students can achieve a grade of C, D, E, F or G.   For content and examples of the foundation level GCSE see the Edexcel website at  www.edexcel.org.uk

Access arrangements are made in school, and this may include the use of a scribe or a reader.

All children have individual Mathletics and My Maths accounts and can access these websites to support and extend their learning.



Overview of the teaching programme

  1. Pathway 1 Curriculum MAP
  2. Pathway 2 Curriculum Map
  3. Pathway 3 Curriculum Map
  4. Pathway 4 Curriculum Map
  5. Pathway 5 Curriculum Map
  6. Pathway 6 Curriculum Map