Mathematics Key Stage 4

Curriculum Overview

Entry Level Pathway

The Entry Level pathway consists of two separate tasks which are internally moderated and then sent away for external verification.  The students are well prepared for these tasks as they cover a variety of topics including, numbers and the number system, shape and space, data handling and using and applying maths in real life contexts.  For content and examples of the OCR Entry Level Tasks see the OCR website at

Entry Level Certificate in Maths (Entry levels 3 R449)

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Entry Level Project




Simple Fractions

Calculations with whole


Space, Shape and


Decimal in money and


Space, Shape and


Red and measure time,

distance, weight,

capacity, length and


Data Handling

Extract and interpret


Space Shape and

Measure Understand

the properties and directions

perimeters of regular

shapes and compass

Level 1 Award

The level 1 qualification consists of a number of units that the pupils complete through year 10 and 11.  They cover a number of topics including perimeter and area, addition and subtraction, measures and temperature.  For content examples of the Level 1 qualification see the Ascentis website at



The Foundation GCSE consists of two papers administered at the end of year 11. In the foundation course, students can achieve grades 1-5.  For content and examples of the foundation level GCSE see the WJEC/CBAC website at

Access arrangements are made in school, and this may include the use of a scribe or a reader.

All children have individual Mathletics accounts and can access these websites to support and extend their learning.