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Mrs Shore challenges you to score 1 million:  
All the maths teachers are hoping you are safe and well.

We have set you a number of online challenges if you would like to do them:


Number Jigsaws - Transum

Can you beat Mr Sadler's Level 4 challenge?

Description of Levels. Close. Level 1 - 6 by 5 grid starting at 1. Level 2 - 10 by 10 grid starting at 1. Level 3 - 6 by 6 grid starting at a number between 3 and 9. Level 4 - 7 by 7 grid starting at a number between 33 and 49. Level 5 - 8 by 7 grid starting at a number between 70 and 88. Level 6 - 8 by 8 grid starting at a number between 450 and 470. Level 7 - 9 by 9 grid starting at a number ...

Mr Sadler got to shape 3 can you beat him?


Without lifting the pencil - Transum


This is a computer version of the classic pencil and paper puzzles in which the objective is to trace the diagram without taking the pencil off the paper and without going over the same line twice. In this version you are required to click on the dots to show the route of the pencil. The 'Start Again' button is provided to let you erase ...

Miss Histon scored 20 can you do better?


Cocount Ordering - Comparing Numbers, Prices, Mass, Length and Capacity

Coconut Ordering is a versatile maths game that's been designed to help children gain confidence in comparing and ordering different numbers, including decimal numbers, and metric quantities involving length, mass, capacity and money. The game has different ability levels making it suitable for children from 5 to 11 years of age.


Mrs Shore challenges you to score 1 million points



Who wants to be a  Mathionaire - General Maths Quiz

Test your general math knowledge, make a million.


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