Modern Foreign Languages


Our Modern Foreign Languages Team consists of two experienced, qualified teachers plus support staff in each session.

Achievement and Progress

Modern Foreign Languages are taught to all pupils in KS3. German is taught to those pupils in Year 7, French to those in Year 8 and Spanish in Year 9. Currently, the pupils have 1 session of MFL per week. Pupils are assessed using everyday teacher analysis through reading, writing, speaking and listening and a range of kinesthetic, aural, verbal and written activities. All results are recorded and inputted into our school data tracking system and are used to track pupil progress.

Curriculum Overview

The schemes of work taught are developed to suit the needs and learning styles of our pupils. There is a lot of emphasis on social and emotional skills as well as encouraging communication and increasing self-confidence. Topics are taught orally, visually and kinesthetically. ICT is used frequently within MFL sessions to enhance the learning of the pupils. Topics studied include: Meetings and Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Hobbies, Weather and Animals. Pupils are taught using four main attainment target level descriptors which are as follows: Listening and Responding, Speaking, Reading and Responding and Writing. Work and groups are differentiated within lessons to enable all pupils to make progress over the year.

Below is an example of programme study across the year.

  Autumn Term One Autumn Term Two Spring Term One Spring Term Two Summer Term One Summer Term Two


7, 8 , 9





  • MEETINGS AND GREETING (-Hello, Goodbye, Please, Thankyou, How are you? See you later)
  • NUMBERS (1-10)









8 weeks


  • COLOURS (Red, White, Blue, Black, Green, Grey, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange)
  • BODY PARTS (Foot, Leg, Hand, Arm, Face, Head, Nose, Eyes, Fingers, Toes, Knee, Elbow)



7 weeks

  • WEATHER (-Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow, Wind, Freezing, Sunny)
  • ANIMALS (-Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, Spider, Guinea pig)








6 weeks



  • ITEMS IN OUR PENCIL CASE (-Pencil Case, Pencil, Pen, Rubber, Ruler, Sharpener, Glue Stick, Scissors)
  • CLASSROOM OBJECTS (German Only:-chair, table, computer, whiteboard, desk, bookshelf, sink, cupboard, clock)




6 weeks

  • HOBBIES (-sport, listening to music, reading, playing on the computer, swimming, shopping, going out with friends)
  • CLOTHES (German Only: Skirt, trousers, blouse, socks, shoes, hat, coat, gloves, scarf, underwear
  • CLASSROOM OBJECTS (French/Spanish Only:-chair, table, computer, whiteboard, desk, bookshelf, sink, cupboard, clock)



6 weeks

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE COUNTRY (captial city, culture, national dress, cuisine, tourist attractions, how to get there, nationally renowned traditions)
  • Completion of all topics 








7 weeks