School Council

What is it?

Oaklands school council is a group of elected students who represent the views of all pupils. They meet every week on a Thursday morning break, and have regular meetings with the school leadership team. They tell the leadership team about their ideas to improve the learning in the school.

What do they do?

Over the past year councillors have been exceptionally busy, getting involved in initiatives to improve their local community, and going on trips to improve their knowledge of good citizenship.

Councillors have...

  • Been on an educational trip to the Houses of Parliament
  • Attended Winsford Pupil Forum (where they designed a logo for Winsford schools).
  • Organised a mock general election.
  • Given a presentation on Protecting Refugee Children from Bullying to a Safeguarding Children in Education Conference.
  • Attended a Democracy Day event (where they participated in a debate about giving aid to foreign countries).
  • Interviewed candidates for teaching and headship posts.
  • Entered The Speakers School Council Award with their presentation on refugees. (Councillors were awarded with a We Made a Difference digital badge).
  • Attended E-Safety ambassadors training.
  • Given feedback to plans for the new school build.

Current make up

Oaklands School Council consists of sixteen pupils, three from each year group (7-11) and one councillor from year 12. Elections are held for school councillors once in each academic year. The elections are done with a secret ballot so we can ensure the elections are fair. The Council has a Chair which organises meetings, a Secretary who writes up the minutes and agendas and a Treasurer who manages the School Council budget. The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from the School Council.