Year 10 Creative Art

Year 10 GCSE Art & Design

Parent information

  • Pupils need to continue with their exam prep on their chosen theme.
  • All pupils have their own sketchbook to work in.
  • All pupils have handouts to help them develop their work in their books.
  • Use a variety of materials in your work, remember to annotate (put down your own thoughts and feelings)
  • Add a link artist to your work – take inspiration from them and incorporate into your own work.
  • Make your pages interesting and creative think about the layout of pages.
  • They can use the internet to gather images as well as newspapers, magazines, photographs (New and old)
  • All pupils know which theme their own project is based on.


Entry Level Art – Year 10

Parent information

Pupils are currently looking at patterns and optical art – they have an updated booklet to work from with extra ideas inside.
Please note you do not have to complete the whole booklet at once and if they have already completed a piece of work with your child you do not have to do it twice unless you feel it will give them more practice.

  • Use lots of colour
  • Create own patterns that may look like illusions
  • Make your work interesting
  • Have fun!