Year 8 Creative Art

Year 8 – Drawing skills

Applying tone and natural forms

Year 8 are currently developing their drawing skills and understanding key terms such as shade, tone, shadow, light and texture.

  • Worksheets have been provided for practice
  • Mini project- Natural forms: Pupils to look outside their windows and draw what they see in natural forms, these could be leaves, trees, bushes or a part of your garden.
  • Pupils can produce interesting close ups of natural forms they find (See examples below)
  • Practice with shade and tone and add colours so they are able to blend together and observe the changes
  • Pupils experiment with their materials if available for example, create a tonal collage, using papers and magazines
  • They could create a roof top garden using their drawings or making the plants, trees out of recycled materials
  • Complete the shading chart below from dark to light – Remember to use one pencil and change the pressure that you add to create different tones.